Curious Yellow

THIS IS BIG. We’re Not Yolking.

It’s line-up time again! While we don’t reveal the whole line up unless you’re signed up for emails, we do a few sneaky yellow teasers.

Well, here’s a big one we’ve all been waiting for – news of a headliner, and have we got a cracking announcement for you! Hatch your plans for whisking up a frenzy on the floor, get egg-cited and ready to flip out…

(Ok, these are terrible puns, but omelette-ing it slide…)

Who could be more yellow than… THE EGG!!!!

Well known to festival audiences, (Glastonbury, The Big Chill, Rustlers Valley (South Africa), Switzerland (Montreux Jazz) and Ibiza, these electronica and trip hop titans, make a super smooth scramble (you know, the best kind) of many eclectic influences; alternative dance, electro house, big beat, neo-psychedelia and more.

The Egg have several sweetly beating albums behind them; ‘Albumen’ (dance/post acid jazz, funk/ambient instrumentals), ‘Travelator’ (heavily club orientated) ‘Forwards’ (a more reflective sound, heavier and rockier and with a touch of psychedelic warmth), the smashing ‘Something To Do’ featured Sophie Barker (zero 7) and have just released their 5TH studio album!

Produced and co written with Greg Hunter (The Ord, AZ-RA, Dubsahara) and featuring keyboard wizard Ulrich Schnauss – ‘GALACTIC LOVE MACHINE’ waves its way through lust Leftfield electronica with a hunt of dub, bags of texture and an indie vibe, held together with the bands trademark jam feel.

Live, the band have kept their full on dance and festival style fully intact, and we can’t wait for their set as they headline Curious Yellow, and bring us to a hard boil!

Venice Beach: YouTube

Live at Glastonbury :