Curious Yellow


It’s simply a curious coincidence!

It just so happened that today, the day known as a day of sales, and a day named after colour, is day that the 2018 Curious Yellow festival tickets are ready for sale!

So, we decided to join in with a little sale silliness, and pop a hefty discount up on super-super-early bird tickets, with a ‘Yellow Friday’ deal!

“Papaya” TICKETS now available @ SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICE – just £60!

That’s a tenner less than last year’s ticket price, and a whopping £40 less than the final “lemon” tier.

We’ve never done this before – in fact, there’s going to be quite a few things going on this year that we’ve never done before….our aim is to make ‘Curious Yellow Twenty Eighteen’ even better than last year!!

So, to all those who like to grab a bargain… you can now get your mitts on a ‘Papaya’ ticket, at a silly, silly price! Limited tickets are available, and the tier is only available until December 1st.

If you’re not quite ready yet (or have spent all your money on other bargains) we’ve posted the dates for all tiers to help you get a handle on tickets (all named after yellow fruits, of course)!

Can’t wait to see you all in the garden!

Lots of Cuddles…from the Curious Crew!