Curious Yellow


You utterly fabulous, curious critters.

You cracked the code, revelled in the riddles, mixed in the mysterious, swayed with sculptures, dabbled in the different, opened yourselves to oddity and together, we got totally lost and found.

We couldn’t have wished for a happier and more lovely crowd – decked in your fancy dress finery, you were a sight to behold.

We need to give some big ups – in no particular order (how could one even begin to prioritise) and hopefully not miss anyone out…

Huge thanks to:

The seriously stupendous stewards for their hard work in high vis (who knew hug police and d&b clarinet was the best way to manage a car park), the stripy Otter riddlers with their games and laser tricks, our awesome audio engineer Gaz and stonking stage manager Russel, the bonkersly brilliant bar crew, headed up by the great Greg and awe inspiring Ashley and their non-stop-concoctions of cocktails!

The curry cooking Ginger Jesus, the fabulous Folly folk, Reuben’s quality circus skills, the funky monkey glamping dudes. Toppy, Sara Abbot and Jam Free with the Lost Arboretum doll, for painting and inflating so brilliantly. The stage carpenters Chloe and Graham and the ridiculously tall order of a geometric fascia from pretty much thin air, and not forgetting the glamourous pixies who made the time travel portal possible.

To every single one of the incredible artists who smashed the stages to smithereens (link to line up coming soon)… my word, you were stupendous. Deepest and most embarrassed apologies to the terrific Turner Bros for the premature abrupt end to their set, hope you enjoyed heading over to the lost stage with the crowd while we worked out who to blame for not checking the generator fuel level!

The Galos, Gone Burger, Toastielicious and Once in a Blue Moon crews, thank you for being totally tasty traders. Geometry Ash and Sacred Spaces – you blew our minds with mandalas and a whole lot of love, as did Joe and Anna with Dan’s LED visuals and some much-needed yoga.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiig ups to Okoru and Medley crews, who not only made it possible for the smoothest of set ups and promptest of pack downs, but also for helping with stunning tech and decor on the stages, bars and the incredible architectural lighting throughout the garden. Talking of lighting, Bill Stickers, and your crazy interactive boxes of light and delight – you bring so much joy to our Curious little world!

To Paul-Savvy and Kaz-Chemicals for capturing the beauty of it all through their long lenses, including the blessing of the most beautiful Curious lovers and their family of attendees, Lily and Owen… so much love for you and your union.

Lastly we want to say a very special thank you to the ‘Gibberd Garden Trust‘, and in particular Jackie, Gibberd’s head gardener, who lives in one half of the house in the garden (surrounded by the whisper zone ;)… accommodating and supportive to the end. We’re so fantastically lucky to be able to host Curious Yellow in this stunning venue, and hope (with everything crossed) to be able to do so for many years to come. If you, like we, think the volunteer gardeners and people who make it possible deserve some extra love – please join us in reviewing them on facebook or emailing to the committee and making sure they know how much you loved it (and hopefully would like to come again??!).

There are unsung heros not yet named (or shamed) but our brains are still a little fuzzy, and we’re still sorting through pictures and video, we’ll share it all with you as soon as we can (as soon as the lovely Sinatra bros finish filtering through their many many gigathingys of footage; “there was just so much good stuff to film” said they).

All that remains to say is… thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, and to ask you all to stay Curious…… you bloomin’ lovely lot.

Dan, Carly & Liz

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P.P.P.S – Could you help us fundraise to secure the future of the festival and implement further improvements? Including reducing waste and co2, increasing artists budget and further financial input to the garden trust. Fundraising page coming soon…