Curious Yellow

Why yes, friend, there will be music!

The kind of music that soothes even the savage beast.

Also the kind that might then stir that same beast up, pump hard and fast through the beastie’s beastly veins and surge out in the form of new dance craze that all the kids end up doing.

Music matters masses. Curious line up is kept under wraps, so what can you expect, who’s playing?! A carefully selected mix of awesome artists with the Curious approach.

The passionate performances, spirited styles and attitudes of the artists who play matter most; soul, swing, indie, pop, reggae and house are all firm favourites of the hazy-ravers at the helm of curious, with perhaps a little less in the way of punk, metal, dnb and dubstep – but we’re a fairly broadminded bunch, and so are you.

Fancy a listen to bits and bleeps from previous attendees, sounds we’re filtering through to decide who’s playing, and the smooth waves of our favourite tunes…?

…we’ve made a pod/curious cast. Just for you 😉

Player not working? Here’s a link:

We have a full line up for 2017, but are always happy to hear from artists keen to be considered for future years.

Toes at the ready.