Curious Yellow

Pineapple Tier Tickets

Chunks of Yellow Goodness.

You could pop ’em on a pizza, you could poke a cocktail stick through them, and you can certainly sling one or two in a cocktail. Oh yeh, pineapples are not only the most angular of the fruits, but they have a fascinating history…


The pineapple didn’t make it to the UK until the 1600s, but quickly became a HIT in the 1700s. Everything was made in pineapple shapes and painted with pineapples. It was THE status symbol. If you had a pineapple under your arm in the 1700s… WELL, you were the coolest kid on the block. Literally though. People quite seriously took a pineapple to parties to show off, carrying it around for weeks until it went off. You could even rent a pineapple for an evening.

What does this have to do with anything? Good question. Welcome to Curious Yellow. Where, if you dig deep enough, you’ll realise everything is connected.

It’s a pretty looking thing. Unusual. All angles n that. And yellow insides. Just like us. Niiiice.

SOURCE: The University of Melbourne (aka the Pineapple experts).