Curious Yellow

Hiiii! I’m super excited to be here on the Curious blog!

My name is Katy Clouds and I’m a band groupie, festival-goer and blogger alongside my regular day job and I couldn’t believe my luck when I was gifted the chance to write a little guest post here to introduce some of the stuff that’s new to Curious for 2017.

Just to give you some background, this will be my third Curious, which means I’ll have gone to each of the events they have held at The Gibberd Gardens. Curious Yellow is my favourite festival of the year by far, you can read my previous posts about the event here – there’s quite a few, from reviews of the music and facilities to my slightly long ramblings about how much I love the setting.

I first came along with Sweetcornbread, who have played the festival for a few years and always seem to go down a treat with the crowd. Last year, another of my favourite bands, The Turner Brothers were offered a slot, having heard us waxing lyrical about the festival for ten months, they joined the convoy down to Essex and we had a wonderful time – exploring the gardens, taking part in fun little pop-ups from whiskey tasting to riding mutant bicycles to impromptu meditative music gatherings with some of the most interesting instruments I’ve ever seen (ever played a gong tuned to the frequency of Jupiter?)!

One of the things that I’m most excited about for this year is the ‘Sculpture Safari’, new for 2017 and designed specially for those Curious Yellowers that are new to the Gibberd Gardens, didn’t explore the wonders properly in previous years or just want to see it in a whole new light – the team have created a trail that will give you the opportunity to discover some of the hidden delights of the venue and you won’t regret giving it a go.

Frederick Gibberd was an architect that added to the garden over his lifetime and it’s become something incredibly special, every adventure through the undergrowth throws up something new and the ‘Sculpture Safari’ will give guests the opportunity to enjoy what Gibberd created. Add to that the friends, awesome music late into the night and hopefully a lot of sunshine and I’m more certain than ever that this is going to be a weekend to remember.

See you in the gardens!

Katy x